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Dictation tips

12 Ways To Keep Your Costs Low

Help us help you!  these tips will help decrease the cost of your bill as well as cut down on the time it takes to complete your project. 

    1. We prefer digital files to be in DSS format. Our software can read other formats like WAV and WMA, but these can be more difficult to interpret and difficult to upload due to their size and format.
    2. When using a digital recorder, make sure you do not record in stereo. This picks up all the surrounding sounds.
    3. Make sure you push down on the record button and wait a moment before speaking. This prevents the first of your sentences from being cut off. The same concept applies to the ends of sentences as well.  
    4. Speak clearly, don't rush, and avoid dictating in areas with a lot of background noise, if possible. Rewinding repeatedly to understand you takes a great deal of time and may cause us to misinterpret what you've said.
    5. Name your audio files using the project's name. Add a number so we can easily see the order in which they were dictated. Example: John Doe1, John Doe 2, etc.  Or you may want to label the content: John Doe mother's history, John Doe personality testing, etc.
    6. Think about what you are going to say before you say it. If you have to backtrack mid-sentence, so do we.
    7. As much as possible, dictate in order and keep track of what you have already dictated. This will prevent you from repeating yourself, and we won't have to take time to combine similar information.
    8. Don't worry about dictating general punctuation. We use standard American English grammar and style, and we know in general where the punctuation goes. However, please do let us know where quotes begin and end and which words you would like italicized, etc.
    9. If you have provided us with paragraph templates, or if we have created paragraph templates for you, be sure to use the names of those templates when you dictate.  Try not to refer to the template paragraphs based on what you think their content is. We don't always guess correctly which paragraph you meant. If you want us to change the name of a template paragraph, just let us know and we will do it.
    10. Spell unusual names for us. Also, spell common names that may have several different spellings, like Christie or Kristy.
    11. Give us specific feedback. We take pride in doing superior work. With specific feedback from you, we can make sure we have protocol in place that will prevent many problems from occurring.
    12. Call Aimee with questions or concerns.